Where Are Pimentos in Walmart? (Must Know This) (2024) (2024)

Finding pimentos in grocery stores may prove a difficult task. Moreover, this species of red chili peppers are a go-to spice for many households, and not knowing where they’re in your favorite store can be frustrating.

Walmart is a popular retail company that sells these food items, yet they can be hard to find on their shelves.

So if you buy your groceries from Walmart, you may want to know where the pimentos are.

The pimentos in Walmart are located in the grocery section, usually on Aisle 10, but this may differ based on the retail store. Generally, you’ll find jarred pimentos close to the pickles and olives on the aisle where condiments like mustard and ketchup are kept. Canned pimentos will be lined with other canned vegetables.

Where Are the Pimentos Placed in Walmart?

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The pimentos are located in the grocery section of Walmart. First, this retail store is divided into sections to help customers easily find what they’re looking for.

The grocery section contains foodstuffs; you will find this section on Aisles 9, 10, and 13 in Walmart. At the same time, pimentos are placed on Aisle 10 of the grocery section.

Most manufacturers package pimentos in jars, cans, or bottles before they ship them off for sale to retailers.

So, supermarkets and grocery stores may place similarly jarred and canned products on the same aisle and shelves for easy location.

For example, in the grocery section of Walmart, you’ll find jarred pimentos among jarred pickles and olives on Aisle 10, where other foodstuffs like mustard or ketchup are.

On the other hand, canned pimentos will be with other canned vegetables on the same aisle.

If fresh pimentos are available, they’ll be with other fresh peppers, including green peppers.

However, depending on Walmart’s retail outlet, you may find out that the grocery location may differ slightly.

So, If you can’t find pimentos on Aisle 10, you should ask the salesperson to direct you to where to find them.

Does Walmart Have Diced Pimentos?

Yes, Walmart has Diced pimentos. First, this sweet red pepper can be packaged in many ways.

They’re sliced, stripped, or diced and kept in jars, tins, or bottles for sale. At Walmart, you’ll find diced pimentos in jars or cans.

The jarred and canned pimentos are treated with a high sterilizing temperature so they can last for a long time. Diced pimentos are for kitchen convenience.

They’re ready to be used on any dish to spice and add color to the food. Also, diced pimentos are stuffed inside olives to balance the bitter taste.

In Walmart, you’ll find jarred and canned diced pimentos on Aisle 10 of the grocery section. You can also ask the sales clerk to help you find it quickly.

Are Red Peppers and Pimentos the Same Thing?

No, pimentos and red bell peppers are not the same. Pimentos are a variety of red chili peppers, often called cherry peppers, because of their heart shape.

They come in various colors, including yellow, green, maroon, and mostly red when mature.

There are different species of red peppers; while pimentos are red peppers, not all red peppers are pimentos.

Pimentos are sweeter and more succulent than the flesh of many red peppers. However, some species of pimentos are hot, including Santa Fe Grande species.

While there are many species of peppers, red bell peppers are also very common. They’re sweet like pimentos and used as spices for many foods and to add color to recipes.

Similarities Between Pimentos and Red Bells Peppers

Red bell peppers and pimentos share a lot of similarities which include:

#1. Appearance

The appearance of pimentos and red bell peppers are similar, and that’s why many people often confuse them for each other.

They’ve got a bright red color with sizes larger than most species of chili pepper. Also, they’re both succulent like tomatoes, with a fleshy and thick texture.

#2. Taste

Pimentos and red bell peppers are both sweeter than other varieties of chili peppers.

Although pimentos have a more aromatic taste than red bell peppers, both tend to be sweeter and can be eaten raw.

#3. Nutrients

Both pimentos and red bell peppers are rich in nutrients and ideal for the body.

They contain plenty of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and K. They’re also rich sources of folate.

In addition, they contain low calories. As a result, they help reduce weight, relieve pain and reduce cholesterol levels, amongst other health benefits.

#4. Spices in Dishes

Pimentos and red bell peppers are freshly used as spices to garnish and flavor several dishes, including cheese, pizza, cakes, salads, e.t.c.

Also, they can be used pickled on dishes for extra acrid flavor. In the absence of pimentos, red bell peppers can serve as a substitute.

Difference Between Red Bell Peppers and Pimentos

Although red bell peppers and pimentos have a lot in common, they also have differences which you will find in the table below:

PimentosRed Bell Peppers
They originate from SpainThey originate from Central America, South America, and Mexico
They’re smaller in sizeThey’re larger
The flesh is more succulent, and they have a stronger and more aromatic flavor.Less succulent and milder taste
They’re sold in smaller jars and containersThey’re sold in larger jars
The spice level is 100-500 SHUThe spice level is 0 SHU

How Much Do Pimentos Cost at Walmart?

The price of pimentos in Walmart will differ based on the brand, size, and form. For example, fresh pimentos won’t be the same price as jarred or canned pimentos.

Also, this company sells different brand products, so the price of each brand won’t be the same.In addition, prices may differ online and in different Walmart stores worldwide.

Below are some of the prices of pimentos in Walmart:

Savor imports Diced Pimentos28 ounces per pack- 12 pieces per case$60.47
Dromedary Diced Pimentos4 Oz$1.78
Great Value Diced Pimentos4 Oz$1.54
Great Value Sliced Pimentos4Oz$1.54
Goya Fancy Pimientos4 Oz$1.62


Pimentos are diced, sliced, stripped, and sold in jars or cans in Aisle 10 of the grocery section in Walmart.

You’ll find Jarred pimentos together with pickles, olives, mustard, and similar condiments.

At the same time, canned pimentos are together with other canned vegetables. The prices will differ based on the brand, size, and stores, either online or in-stores.


Where Are Pimentos in Walmart? (Must Know This) (2024) (2024)
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