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February 15, 2022 Alfin Dani

For those who are looking for information about Roblox Terrain Seeds list, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to inform you. Also, we are going to share other information about terrain in Roblox.

Smooth Terrain

Smooth terrain is an update to terrain released in the year of 2015. It is the current terrain kind. Smooth terrain is more realistic and of course more smoother compared to the blocky legacy terrain. Like legacy terrain, it still utilizes voxels. But, the voxels are subtle due to advanced technology used to produce smoother terrain.

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Because it is based on the BasePart class, most properties the Terrain object inherits are not modifiable. An explosion will be able to lower the values of cells in its blast radius if the explosion is set to do that. This will provide a simple way to make the craters in-game.

Smooth terrain materials included:

    • Air
    • Wood Planks
    • Concrete
    • Grass
    • Rock
    • Snow
    • Mud
    • Ground
    • Asphalt
    • Salt
    • Pavement
    • Slate
    • Brick
    • Sand
    • Water
    • Glacier
    • Sandstone
    • Basalt
    • Cracked Lava
    • Leafy Grass
    • Limestone
    • Ice

Old Terrain/ Legacy Terrain

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The original terrain system, also known as old terrain or legacy terrain, was a terrain kind that was made up of many individual cells with simple shapes such as cubes, ramps, and corner ramps. Compared to smooth terrain, this terrain was more suitable to build because the shapes were mostly flat.

The old terrain or Legacy terrain is removed from the game. Some games which have not been updated since smooth terrain is mandatory still exist. However, an update to Roblox has caused those games to use the new smooth terrain as the new smooth terrain does not have sharp edges like the old terrain or legacy terrain, and also fills in a slightly greater space than the legacy terrain after conversion.

Original materials included:

    • Grass
    • Sand
    • Brick
    • Granite
    • Asphalt
    • Iron Plate
    • Aluminum Plate
    • Gold
    • Wood Planks
    • Logs
    • Gravel
    • Cinderblock
    • Mossy Rock
    • Concrete
    • Red Plastic
    • Blue Plastic
    • Water

Based on the research, on August 19, 2016, Roblox deprecated old terrain or Legacy terrain, due to its low usage and high maintenance cost. It was scheduled to be deleted on January 1, 2017. Later, this was restated in a blog post. Roblox encouraged usage of smooth terrain by giving the developers a choice to convert existing old terrain. In January 2017, it was replaced officially, due to the games with old terrain being converted. Games which still relied on old terrain or Legacy terrain were negatively impacted from this, such as Zombiesdale that was known for its extensive use of old terrain.

We get information that the old terrain or Legacy terrain was criticized for the amount of lag in games. Also, lots of people thought that the old terrain or legacy terrain resembled Minecraft’s terrain, but they were barely similar in any way, and the fact that most Roblox terrain cells were shaped differently from the blocks is unlike the terrain in Minecraft.

In addition, Terrain was vulnerable to exploitation, since terrain was able to be manipulated by any client. Game owners can solve this by turning on FilteringEnabled. This was eventually fixed by Roblox with the forced FilteringEnabled update.

Customizing Terrain

Terrain can be customized by adjusting material colors or enabling decorations. These choices are controlled through the Terrain object within Workspace.

Each terrain material like ice, grass or rock has a default color, however you are able to customize these if desired.

  • In the Properties window, expand the Appearance > MaterialColors branch.
  • Enter or choose a new RGB value for any material and the terrain will update dynamically.

Water color and water effects are controlled via separate properties in the Appearance section:

  • WaterColor
    This will change water color from the default “aqua blue” to any other color. This is useful for making water which looks like lava, oil, slime, etc.
  • WaterReflectance
    This will adjust how much water surfaces reflect the sky and surrounding objects, from a value of 1 to 0.
  • WaterTransparency
    This will change water clarity or transparency, from a value of 1 to 0.
  • WaterWaveSize
    This will control the size of waves on water, from a value of 1 to 0.
  • WaterWaveSpeed
    This will control the speed of the moving or flowing effect on water surfaces, from a value of 100 to 0.

About Terrain in Roblox

Some of you may not know about Terrain in Roblox. For your information, Terrain is a feature in Roblox which was introduced in 2011. It features a particular object in Workspace which integrates voxel-based terrain into Roblox. Historically, it utilized a preset of meshes to render its terrain. Smooth terrain was introduced in May 2015, which later replaced the old style of terrain in the year of 2017. Consequently, all games which were still using the old terrain or legacy terrain were converted to have this new terrain.

History of Roblox Terrain

More Terrain Voxel textures were introduced in an update, bringing the number up to sixteen.

  • On June 5, 2012, water was added to Roblox terrain, which introduces part-water interaction to the physics engine.
  • On December 7, 2013, an update was added which increased the size of the Terrain from 512x64x512 to 64000x64000x64000. This allowed the players to add Terrain Water to existing places which are very big.
  • On April 24, 2014, (one day after Egg Hunt 2014 was closed), the appearance of Terrain was updated to match the regular Part materials.
  • On May 31, 2015, a second kind of terrain, Smooth Terrain was released. Smooth Terrain has higher graphical fidelity than the blocky terrain, and also is more detailed than simple 4×4 blocks.
  • On August 25, 2016, the deprecation and coming removal of old terrain (legacy terrain) was announced. In January 2017 all games were forcibly converted to smooth terrain.

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